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Published 2009

A production of Revolution Books, a revolutionary communist bookstore in Berkeley, California. The Symposium was co-sponsored by the Set the Record Straight Project.

The International Impact and Historical Significance of the Cultural Revolution
Panel includes Dongping Han, Raymond Lotta, Robert Weil.


Dongping Han, author of: The Unknown Cultural Revolution: Life and Change in a Chinese Village. Dongping Han is Professor of History at Warren Wilson College and was farmer. At age 19, he was elected manager of a collective village factory during the Cultural Revolution.

Raymond Lotta of the project to “Set the Record Straight” is a Maoist political economist, a writer for Revolution newspaper, and editor of, Maoist Economics and the Revolutionary Road to Communism.

Ann Tompkins Lived and worked in Beijing during the Cultural Revolution. She co-authored, Chinese Posters: Art from the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution.

Robert Weil is Senior Fellow at the Oakland Institute; and author of, Red Cat, White Cat: China and the Contradictions of Market Socialism.

Dolly Veale, moderator; is with the project to “Set the Record Straight”.

are more deserving of rediscovery than  Chinas Cultural Revolution of 1966-76.  Few have so challenged traditional notions of what human society can be. Few have been as distorted and demonized. Want to know what revolutionary socialism was really like?  From people who lived it... and loved it? Hear from youth who went to the countryside to work and learn from the peasants...artists who set out to create revolutionary art... women who struggled against feudal tradition... people who look back at this period as some of the best years of their lives.  And learn from scholars whose work brings to life a crucial and vital legacy of liberation.

These videos cover the first two days of this symposium held at UC Berkeley in November, 2009. Running time is seven hours divided into six video segments linked to here:


1a. author Dongping Han - presentation 00:38
1b. author Dongping Han - audience questions & answers 01:09

2a. Art and Politics panel presentation runs 01:39
2b. Art and Politics panel - audience questions & answers 00:51

3a. International Impact panel - presentation 02:07
3b. International Impact panel - Audience questions & answers 00:37

Run time 2:07
Producer Revolution Books
Production Company Revolution Books
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Language English
Contact Information Revolution Books, Berkeley 510-848-1196 <a href=""></a>


Produced by Reiko Redmonde

Audio production: Noel Juan
Video production and video editing: Don Spark


Reviewer: subcaelo - - September 17, 2013
Subject: Berkerly U, Shame on You!
I'm sorry but that Ann Tompkins woman is despicable. I don't know the contents of her speech throughout the session but I had to turn the thing off. I have never heard a more atrocious self-righteous claim than that! She claims to be a Marxists? I think she belongs to a Mao cult.

Sure the Cultural Revolution was one 'great experiment' a she puts it but what about the millions who died from that experiment, darling? And as her her remarks about those people being beaten up, dragged and paraded in the streets in dunce caps being yelled at by kids. Those people were hardly the oppressive capitalist imperialist the usual Red Guard rhetoric called them out to be. Most of them were just ordinary people who had businesses, ma and pa shop owners, teachers and scholars even their own parents who these brainwashed kids betrayed! What criminals!? Yet Tompkins had the audacity to call that 'delicious' kind of justice? Horrible just horrible.

Yes, ma'am you but shouldn't be proud and claim that you are one of a few people who had a unique account of the revolution. That doesn't make you above a moral high horse. It makes you an idiot who can't tell right from wrong!